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1394 Servo Controllers

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Includes a 1-Year A2BSupply warranty.

A2BSupply is not an authorized distributor for Allen Bradley.

1394 Servo Controllers are part of the drive link of the Kinetix integrated motion solution. It is integrated into the ControlLogix platform and communicates to the controller through a SERCOS fiber optic link. RSLogix 5000 is a programming tool required for both sequential and motion control. The 1394 Servo Controller supports high resolution feedback encoders for system performance and has support for multi-turn absolute encoders to remain in a stable position during power loss.The 1394 has a slide and lock connection that eliminates up to 100 wire terminations between modules.The system power supply and axis drive power rating allows a unique fit for the application. The design of the power supply provides reliability with fewer components. This Module offers flexible configuration.The Power Output ratings are 5-136 kW.