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Kinetix 6000

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A2B Supply is NOT an authorized distributor for this manufacturer and therefore the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply.  Product comes with A2B Supply's 1-year warranty.

The Kinetix 6000 has a continuous power output of 0.3-3.0 kW & Input volts that reach up to 265V & AC three-phase up to 528V.  It includes 1-8 axes on a Power Rail, also Including six inputs: 2 registration inputs, 1 home input, 2 overtravel inputs and 1 axis enable input. The Kinetix 6000 Integrates into the Logix platform for multi axis motion. This products offers great flexibility in your machine design through compact size. It offers advanced control for greater precision and throughput. The Kinetix 6000 has simplified wiring and a modular design. It also includes built in support for multi turn absolute encoders to maintain position during power loss. The enhancement configuration supports motion applications that require fast acceleration and deceleration for a limited duration.