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A2B Supply Packaging Allen Bradley - Drives PowerFlex 4 22A-D2P3N104 Ser A

Allen Bradley - Drives

A2B Supply Packaging Allen Bradley - Drives PowerFlex 4 22A-D2P3N104 Ser A

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A2B Supply is NOT an authorized distributor for this manufacturer and therefore the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply.  Product comes with A2B Supply's 1-year warranty.

Rockwell Disclaimer: The product is used surplus. A2B Supply is not an authorized surplus dealer or affiliate for the Manufacturer of this product. The product may have older date codes or be an older series than that available direct from the factory or authorized dealers. Because A2b Supply is not an authorized distributor of this product, the Original Manufacturer’s warranty does not apply. While many Allen-Bradley PLC products will have firmware already installed, A2B Supply makes no representation as to whether a PLC product will or will not have firmware and, if it does have firmware, whether the firmware is the revision level that you need for your application. A2B Supply also makes no representations as to your ability or right to download or otherwise obtain firmware for the product from Rockwell, its distributors, or any other source. A2B Supply also makes no representations as to your right to install any such firmware on the product. A2B Supply will not obtain or supply firmware on your behalf. It is your obligation to comply with the terms of any End-User License Agreement or similar document related to obtaining or installing firmware.

General Information about the Product

Part Number

22A-D2P3N104 Ser A


The Allen-Bradley 22A-D2P3N104 PowerFlex 4 adjustable frequency AC drive provides a full-featured 4 digits alphanumeric human interface liquid crystal (LCD) display module with an integral keypad to program and control both speed and torque of three-phase induction motors in industrial applications. This PowerFlex 4 AC drive has an internal IGBT brake. This Allen-Bradley 22A-D2P3N104 AC drive supports an input voltage rating of 480 volts AC and current consumption of 2.3 amperes with a maximum power rating of 1 horsepower and 0.75 kilowatts. This adjustable frequency AC drive can operate at a temperature range of 10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius (14 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit) for industrial applications and weighs approximately 1.4 kilograms (3.1 pounds) while shipping.


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